Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Missing in Action

Hello to all of my loyal follower people (all 10 of you!).

I just wanted to let you know that I'm alive and safe...fetching water, peeing (and other stuff) in outhouses, "showering" in a bucket, and helping kids at their schools in Isandlwana, South Africa.  My best friend, Katie, is surviving like a champ out here in the bushes.  She's working with Peace Corps and the two days I've seen her in action have amazed me.  Her love, care, and passion is truly inspiring.

Unfortunately internet is SLOW since we get it from her cell phone (seriously....I can't complain about 3G from AT&T anymore) so blog posts will have to wait until I'm back to a place with WiFi - hopefully in 2 weeks.

Until then I'm sure you'll be missing me dearly (haha), but you can console yourself in the fact that when I return I will have some great stories. :)

Quick thought for the day...as I'm living with much less than I'm used to, I appreciate many day to day luxuries I have at home.  What do you have that you could live without?  Take time to appreciate those things today.

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