Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What Dreams Are Made Of

Cuban sandwiches…dripping juices from a heaping pile of pork fat, grilled to a perfect golden color, oozing cheese out the sides, so beautiful my mouth is watering, and…all of a sudden, a vegetarian pasta mush (wahhhhhh) is dropped on my tray in seat 24G on Lufthansa flight 491. 

Fictional food from my in-flight movie: 1
Real airplane food: 0 (sorry, Lufthansa)

The Hundred Foot Journey and Chef are two movies I've seen recently that spoke to me.  It’s like somebody knew that I would watch them (pardon the narcissism), needing that extra push, needing the motivation of watching somebody else’s failures turn into successes. 

Both movies follow a traditional, feel-good story line and the videography in both is truly sensational.  The food is beautiful…no, not just beautiful…breathtaking.  And it told a story; it evoked emotion.  I could smell it, I could taste it, I could feel it.

The characters are endearing and lovable. Their struggles are real and genuine.  Their failures remind me of my own and their successes are those which I dream of. 

After spending a sufficient amount of time dreaming about what I want out of my future, I decided (with a significant push from loved ones) that it’s time to take action.  Only a lucky few can dream their dreams into reality.  Others have to take action to bring them into reality.  As I take off on yet another travel adventure, I’m excited to see where this journey takes me as I research and plan for a budding business circling around food, travel, culture, and the love of sharing my passion with others.

My quarter-life crisis has turned into a third-life crisis.  And although being a few years older makes me feel as though I've wasted time, the truth is that these years have helped me hone in on a path and a direction.  I've moved from having a wide vision of what I want to something more specific which allows me to take action.  My thought for you today – what are your dreams?  And how are you refining your path to fulfilling them?

The following are random photos from my layover in Frankfurt. :)

It's official - a new era of travel. First stamp in my new passport!

Condiment udder?

I do not suggest the ramen at the airport...but I was starving.


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