Tuesday, February 10, 2015

New Year, New Adventure

January is always a big month for me. It signifies the start of a new calendar year and a new year of my life (I'm a winter birthday baby). It also happens to be the same month I've started many life-changing journeys – studying abroad, my Round the World trip, living in Israel, and interviewing with Jauntaroo. And 2015 maintains the trend as I announce the launch of my new business, The Table LessTraveled (familiar name, no?!).

When I started this blog 4 years ago my goal was to share with others amazing and transformative experiences that would inspire them to strike out on their own journeys, be it travel related or otherwise. Every one of us has a dream, a passion, something that makes us tick, drives us forward, and livens our spirits.

My dream is to give people unforgettable travel experiences where they are immersed in local culture, learn about different ways of life, and have a whole heck of a lot of fun while doing it. Oh, and I forgot to mention have a whole heck of a lot of good food too.  I've worked with local contacts to build activities with insider access that is unlike any other. Whether you're dining in a local's home, getting up close and personal with monkeys on a river cruise, or meandering your way through colonial towns, you can rest assured that we have scouted the best experiences off the beaten path.

Journeying with The Table Less Traveled can either be done in a small group (limited to 16 people) or on a custom private itinerary built specially for you. Our first destination highlight is Malaysia and Singapore where you can check out the exotic island of Borneo to hang with orangutans, hike through the oldest rainforest in the world, or scuba dive at some of the best dive sites in the world. On the peninsula you have the opportunity to view iconic buildings like the Petronas Towers and Marina Bay Sands and learn about immigrants and their impact on the iconic Southeast Asian food scene.

Photo courtesy of Adam Lai

Last fall I traveled to Malaysia and Singapore for 6 weeks to build partnerships with local experts, find experiences that are unique and interesting, join forces with awesome guides, and discover the best local cuisine (tough job), all with the goal of helping you make the most of your travel adventures.

It's a tough job...but somebody's got to eat it.

Please visit www.thetablelesstraveled.com for more information and to submit inquiries.  This blog (now http://blog.thetablelesstraveled.com) will continue to be a forum for sharing my personal stories, with the hope that they inspire you in big ways and small ways to live out your greatest dreams.

Today I challenge you to identify what your dreams are. Sometimes committing those visions to yourself is half the battle.  And of course if your dream is to travel to Malaysia or Singapore…well…you know which dreamer to call. J
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