Friday, April 29, 2011

Come, Mr. Tally Man, Tally Me Banana

(Written on 3/27/2011 from Tunis, Tunisia)

Apparently when I left South Africa I took more than just a flesh eating bacteria with me. (No worries, it’s now mostly under control thanks to a round of antibiotics coursing through my body). 
I told Katie before I left I was mad at her for “putting thoughts in my head.”  For somebody who doesn’t enjoy coffee that much, after spending 3 weeks with my best friend who constantly sought out the next iced latte (difficult to a treasure hunt) I have acquired a strange addiction.  Grrrr.  I guess I'm a Seattleite after all.

Although I haven’t kept track of the number of coffees I've had as of late, I have kept tally of some other fun facts from “my journey thus far”…
  • Countries visited (including layovers): 7
  • Beds slept in: Total of 20
    • Beds (including blow up mattress): 14
    • Buses: 2
    • Planes: 3
    • Couches: 1
  • Hours traveled: 151
  • Shoes bought: 2 pairs (really??? Only 2?!?!)
  • Miles flown: Total of 19,294
    • SEA - YYZ 2,060
    • YYZ - SCL 5,366
    • SCL - EZE 709
    • EZE - JNB 5,051
    • CPT - JNB 789
    • JNB - CAI 3,875
    • CAI - ATH 694
    • ATH - TUN 750
  • Meals eaten: 158
I really wish I had weighed myself before I left so I could track “pounds gained” but I’m certain that by the sheer fact that even my LEGGINGS are tight now, it has been a sufficient amount.  For the men out there – leggings are stretchy, and therefore it should not be a struggle to get them on.  Think “one size fits all”….or in my case, “one size fits most.” 
It’s interesting to tally my adventure in this way.  Even though I’ve been overwhelmed by this “be present” mentality, it still seems like the time is flying by.  And as I recount how MANY meals I’ve eaten I am in awe that already 158 of them have passed.  And as I think of all those 158, it gives me the opportunity to reflect on my highs (asados, braais and barbeques – no matter what the language, I love my meat!), and lows (I’m seriously traumatized by the broccoli fake out/actually cow stomach incident).  And as I relive these moments, I always appreciate them in a new way – whether insightful or comedic, it brings a smile to my face.

My thought for you today...when I write things down I usually think about them more.  It reminds me of high school health class when they had us keep a food journal for a week (there's nothing quite like realizing how many bags of potato chips you eat in that timeframe).  Try writing something down today...the best thing that happened to you, the name of somebody you met, or the number of people you've had meals with in the last week, etc.


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