Monday, January 17, 2011

Dream Versus Reality

Ticket booked.  CHECK!

It's been a long 5 days waiting to get confirmation on my Round the World (RTW) ticket, but it is finally done!  I just made the biggest (gulp) purchase of my life.  Even though I've memorized my credit card number...thanks to Groupon...I know when the lady at Continental asked me for it my voice shook.  I mean, for a girl whose "Green Monster" vehicle as my dad calls it, cost me $750, shelling out about 10 times that was slightly unnerving. 

But, as a wise friend once asked me, "What's your life worth?"  And that's truly what this ticket is to me - my life.  I'm making my dreams a reality.  This is "one small step for Annie (checking off my pre-departure list), and one giant leap into reality (I'm actually doing this)." 

Sometimes big risks = big rewards.  So I took a leap of faith and quit my job, moved back to my parents’ house, and used my savings which was going towards a condo to buy a BIG ticket instead. 

Over the next 5ish months I'll be stopping in Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Greece, Israel, Vietnam, Singapore, and China to experience a locals' perspective by learning how to cook and eat with host families.  As somebody whose best culinary specialty is a grilled cheese sandwich (I'm proud to say my brother claims I make the best) my attempts at authentic cuisine should be entertaining. 

Beyond the food and recipes I will share with you, I hope you find energy and inspiration from my experiences.  Thank you for joining me on this journey!

And since I’m reflecting on my dreams and realities, I'll leave you with this thought...what is your dream?  And what is it worth?


  1. If you got the ticket for as much as a steal as your "Green Monster" you wouldnt've been so nervous. I feel bad for the guy who only got $750 for that piece of Japanese Art.


    P.S. The Grilled Cheese and tuna are quite good.

  2. "Japanese Art" Alex - you should be in marketing. Btw - if you travel to Japan, you have to be very careful saying the phrase "Green Monster".

    P.S. I've never tried the famous grilled cheese.

  3. My dream is very similar to yours and congrats to you for going after it!! I'll just live my dreams through your blog :)


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