Saturday, March 24, 2012

In a Perfect World

There are few things that automatically brighten my morning like sun streaming through the window.  Granted, I have black out blinds (God's gift to earth...especially when in Vegas) so I have to snap the shutters open before I can see the beautiful sun.  But as soon as I do, I perk up, jump out of bed, and am ready to start my day (or afternoon as it turns out today).'s my Saturday so I'm allowed to sleep in!

I skipped into the kitchen (the whole 2 steps away) and started to make lunch to go.  I plopped my iPod into the speakers and nodded away as Florence and the Machine brought me back to wonderful summer days with friends in Seattle at the lake, dock, cabin, or near any body of water really.

While making my sandwiches I decided to share with you two important things I've learned from "the boy" thus far:

1.  Sandwiches taste surprisingly good with ketchup on them.  When he first said ketchup - I couldn't wrap my head around the bizarre request.  What?  Who puts KETCHUP on a SANDWICH?...weirdo.  Turns out it actually tastes pretty good.  In theory it works...I mean, we put it on hamburgers (and baconburgers) which are bread and meat, so why not sandwiches that are bread and meat?

KETCHUP on my sandwich!

2.  In reference to my inability to make a decision on which "path" in life to follow...he told me to start doing SOMETHING.  Even if it's something small.  The fear of doing something that's not perfect is holding me back from doing anything at all.  And it's far better do something imperfect, and make some progress, and open up possibilities...rather than sit motionless paralyzed by the fear that it won't be my BEST work ever.

So as I scooped up my now "nearly perfect" sandwiches in a bag, and trotted out to the bus with the sun hitting my face, I decided today is the day to turn the leaf and start SOMETHING.  Hence my imperfect return to the blogging world.  :)

My sunny day in Tel Aviv - as the sun goes down

Motivation can be hard to come by when you're debilitated by your own high expectations.  But 'doing' is better than 'thinking about doing'.

Today is the day to do.  Pack your lunch, turn on some tunes, head out into the world (even if you're in Seattle and there's no sun) and take a step toward achieving your goals...even if it's not a perfect step.

"Striving for excellence motivates you; striving for perfection is demoralizing." -Harriet Braiker


  1. Amen! Saturdays are always full of possibilities and I want to have the 'perfect Saturday.' But what is that? So for today I, too, will do SOMETHING - and find joy along the way. For me? Coffee with friends, counseling a friend, little nap, yard work, work work, yoga, shower, dinner w/the Cheng/Borins/whoever else shows up; you know how that is. Love you and miss you! You are perfect just like you are! God took care of that for you. Love, Auntie Maui Pat

    1. Thanks for the positive words. :) Hope you had a good one - and dinner. Miss you all! Can't wait to see you soon.

      P.S. I like that 'yoga' was followed by 'shower' as if it's optional after a sweatfest like that!

  2. "doing" is good :)

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