Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pita Pizzas

A Middle Eastern twist on a fan favorite!  This recipe is once again an estimate - from the quantities to the temperatures (I don't think the dials on our mini oven actually work because it's either cold, or hot).  But this is extremely simple to make, and since it's pizza you can be creative with your toppings!

To start, I sliced a few pitas in half and opened them like sandwiches.  I love thin crust pizza so this is perfect for me - without the work of making dough.  I spread a thin layer of red sauce (recipe below) on each side and then drizzled a bit of olive oil on top.  Then I added a thin layer of shredded cheese - I think it was Monterey Jack cheese but I couldn't exactly tell.  I added the toppings, and threw them in the oven.  My best guess is to put it on a 'broil' setting - I just did it long enough to heat the toppings and make the pita crispy. 


Pizza #1 - chopped spicy salami, sliced mushrooms, and tomatoes.

Pizza #2 - sliced tomatoes, feta cheese, and right before the pizza was done cooking I pulled it out and added fresh basil before letting it cook for a minute longer

Red Sauce
1 part tomato paste
1 part finely chopped tomatoes (and all the juice and seeds)
fresh, finely chopped basil
a dash of garlic powder
-- Mix all ingredients together.  If it looks too thick, add more fresh chopped tomatoes. --

I love pizza, and now that I have an easy way of making it, this is going to be a dinner regular!  Plus since they're small, you can have make a few with different toppings.  Enjoy!

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  1. Pizza pasta is a pretty unique dish. What a great method for a day of not knowing what to eat.


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