Sunday, August 19, 2012

Boodle Boxes

I know that money isn’t supposed to buy happiness….but I can’t contend the fact that I was OVERJOYED when I received a pile of goodies that my mom sent me with a friend of mine who travelled to Seattle recently.  I’ve spent the last week noshing on honey roasted cashews, Mentos, sour Jelly Bellys and cinnamon gum, while savoring my Sour Patch Kids and Mint LifeSavers till the bitter end.  However, I keep reminding myself of my childhood Halloween habit where I’d save my best candies for last…and then they’d go bad after a full year of looking forward to the sweet chocolate outside and that smooth peanut butter filling of my beloved Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

My new goodies from home!
Along with my munchies, Mama Bird packed a new t-shirt (thank goodness – I think I’ve sweat through all of mine here), a Platypus water bottle, deodorant (see aforementioned sweating), tea tree oil, my beloved Target chapstick balls, and other fun things.  The original intention for this “boodle box”, as we refer to it in our household (a term adopted when my brother started at West Point – families are encouraged to send new cadets little goodies and treats to keep their spirits up), was to exchange my broken Kindle.  However, when I found out there was going to be a “transport of goods”, I figured I would throw in a few other requests of things I’m hard pressed to find in Israel.

My new t-shirt and my goodies!  So excited!

After spending a week enjoying my new goodies and playing with my new toys, I’ve realized that although this is an indulgence for my materialistic side, I believe boodle boxes also bring joy for another reason.  It’s the same kind of joy you get when you give or receive a gift.  For me, it’s not JUST the fact that I have a fancy new water bottle which fits so nicely in my purse, but it’s that my mom spent the time and energy to find something that she knew I’d like.

A while ago I read the book “The Five Love Languages”, which came highly recommended to me by multiple people.  The author talks about the different ways that people intend and perceive love.  Giving gifts is one of the five ways people express love, as a sign of their thoughtfulness and care for somebody else.  It doesn’t have to be a big, fancy gift like a car or a TV, it can be something small and meaningful like a hand written card, a person’s favorite candy (mine is Sour Patch Kids!), or flowers.  It’s not the size or the cost of the gift that matters, it’s about the thought and care you put into it.
Today I challenge you to find a small, inexpensive, yet meaningful gift to give to someone you love and care for.  After all, it’s the little moments in life and the small gestures that bring great joys and memories. 

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  1. Among the fun things that Mama Bird packed were a new t-shirt (thank god, I think I've worn through all of mine), a Platypus water bottle, tea tree oil, deodorant (see above sweating), and other fun items. This "boodle box," as my family called it (a phrase we adopted when my brother enrolled at West Point; families are encouraged to send incoming cadets small sweets and treats to keep their spirits up), was originally intended to be a replacement for my shattered Kindle. I think it's pretty worth it. Personally, I think the web might be far more helpful than it is now if all webmasters and writers produced excellent material like you did.


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