Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Make Lemonade

Yes, that is me at the Toronto Pearson Airport noshing on white cheddar popcorn.  And since I’ve only slept for 2 hours in the last 36 I’m not certain if it’s the popcorn or something else that’s making me so sublimely happy (sarcasm…well, kind of).
After last minute details, goodbyes and packing I’m finally on the road! 
I have to give a special shout out to my parents for putting up with me packing all night long even though they were attempting to sleep.  And Dad was gracious and patient enough this morning to wait in the car as I ran back into the house at 6:02 AM (17 minutes late to be exact) because I left my iPhone (a.k.a. lifeline) charging on the dock.  Thank you Mom and Dad!
Since I’m notorious for my short temper and little patience, my mom gave me some parting advice.  In 2007 we travelled to Mombasa, Kenya.  Our flight from London was late and we missed our connecting flight to Mombasa so we were stranded with only 3 other flyers in the entire Nairobi airport.  I, to say the least, was not pleased – and I let it be known.
I just perpetuated the stereotype of Ugly Americans (sorry guys, next time I’ll wear my Canadian flag hat, eh?).  In the midst of my rage, my mom, always a social butterfly, struck up a conversation with one of the other stranded ladies. 
To this day she has kept in touch with Sarra from Tunisia, who was there on business.  And she will be visiting Sarra this fall.  Additionally, once Sarra found out about my trip she extended an invitation to me as well.  Sooooo….I might be going to Tunisia, folks.
Mom was reinforcing that everything happens for a reason and it’s not always apparent right away.  So she encouraged me to have an open mind since “bad things” will inevitably occur on this trip. I need to “make lemonade.”  I’m making a promise to be present and enjoy my experiences for what they are.
Heeding her advice, when I landed in Toronto for my 8 hour layover, I moseyed into town.  The only recommendation I got for a tourist destination was the mall (wow, they pegged me fast) and I wasn’t thrilled about spending all that time at a mall since my credit cards have already taken a beating and my luggage zippers look like they’re gasping for air. 
But I ended up meeting 4 people – all very helpful and all very uplifting.  What better way to spend my layover than dinner chatting with the waiter and bartender, and an empty shuttle express ride back to the airport with an interesting driver?  All topped off with a bag of popcorn (even better - white cheddar).
So tonight as I board “Segment 2” I leave you with this thought...when something “bad” happens to you, can you pause to see the good in the situation?  Ask why this is happening right now.  And be present.  Once that moment passes, you will never get it back – whether you want it or not.

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  1. Great entry; made me laugh out loud (really). I'm excited for you! Have an amazing trip and I'll be looking forward to your witty blog updates for the next 5 months.

    (P.S. You have a temper? Really? I guess I've never seen that side of you lol)


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