Monday, July 11, 2016

A Trusted Traveler Program Better Than TSA Precheck

(Modified from the original article published on The Table Less Traveled Newsletter, April 2016)

TSA Precheck, they say. Skip the lines, they say. $85, they say. WAIT - $85?!

In a confusing exchange between programs through the US Customs & Border Patrol and Canadian Customs & Border Patrol, it turns out the best option is to apply for NEXUS which is less expensive and which automatically enrolls you in Global Entry and TSA Precheck. 

Nexus is essentially Canada's equivalent to Global Entry and with it you receive expedited processing when entering the USA and Canada, in addition to TSA Precheck privileges. All for $50.

View the Department of Homeland Security's chart below which details the differences between the programs.

It is important to note that in order to apply for Nexus there are a limited number of enrollment centers where you can visit for an interview, so check before applying whether you will be able to access one of the centers.

For people living in Washington, there is an enrollment center in Seattle, however the waiting period for an interview can be months.  There is also an enrollment center at the Blaine border crossing which typically has shorter wait periods. 

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