Saturday, February 12, 2011

When in Rome

My mouth is watering just thinking about the deliciiiiousss “marchas parmesanas” we had for lunch the other day. Marchas are a type of clam, found along the Peruvian and Chilean coasts (or so the internet tells me). 

My host mom’s boyfriend put his own spin on the Chilean dish and made it with butter (obviously…because it’s a Chilean dish), lemon juice, salt (even more obvious), and topped it off with a bit of Reggiano cheese.  Then he threw it in the oven for 2 minutes.  I slurped it off the shell and settled back into my “happy place”.   
I guess he’s no longer her “not boyfriend” and her “plight” as a single woman is over.  I figure if any man wants to cook for me, AND my family, AND wants to meet my dad…we’re no longer “just friends.”  (Side note: add to my “wish list” – somebody who cooks.)
Later that night my sister, Meli, and I went out.  I have to share this (nearly) unedited video of a bunch of Chileans, some friends and some not, who gathered outside the bar after closing to share some singing and dancing.  I LOVE this.  Usually in Seattle after bars close there are fights – when would I ever see a random group break out in song and dance??!

To take advantage of my last few days here, Meli and I walked along the beach today.  And we topped off the day with a mini photo shoot – check out Meli’s nail painting talent.  I’m sure my mom is cringing right now since I have green, leopard print nails.  But…when in Rome. J we had to stop for empanadas...

Sand sculptures of my favorite movie...Finding Nemo!

Thought for the night (or the day since it’s 4AM here and I’m sick so I’m not venturing out to the club but I can't sleep)…my brothers and I used to play this game on Wii where you had to find certain Wii Miis in a crowd.  We called all the people without any easily identifiable features the “blenders.” 
We are raised to believe we are “unique” and “special,” but sometimes it’s a good thing to be a “blender.”  For instance, right now I don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb.  I want to be part of the crowd.  This example is obviously based on appearance, but under the surface I know it applies to other parts of my life.  So when in your life does it benefit you to “blend,” and when does it benefit you to be easily identifiable?

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